World Food Day

Thursday, 16 Oct 2014

Food – not just enough food, but the right food – is the blueprint of a child’s future. A child’s ability to one day live a healthy life and raise a healthy family is decided by the food they consume as children.

One-quarter of Asia’s 350 million children under the age of five are underweight – they measure low weight-for-age when compared to their healthy peers. 100 million of Asia’s children are stunted – they measure low height-for-age, an indicator of chronic malnutrition.

We measure the improvements that our loans make on the lives of our client's children. In this past year, clients across our network have identified 'sufficient food' as one of the key benefits of having a loan to grow their business. Not only do they have enough food for their families, but they also have the means to buy the right kind of food, so their children stay healthy throughout their school life.

Source: VisionFund