Moses' Story


Moses’ childhood was heading in one direction. He was abandoned as a baby and left school to work on a tea plantation. As a teenager, he spent his evenings fighting with other children, and experimenting with drink and cigarettes. But when Moses was fourteen years old, his life changed direction.


Moses’ aunt Judith has raised him since birth. Her husband had died shortly after they were married and she didn’t have enough money to support herself, her father and her nephew. But she began to worry when Moses quit school and she didn’t want to see him go without an education.

‘I sat back and looked at the situation around me. I thought… “what if I grow some crops to sell at the market”’.

Judith began planting eggplant in two small beds and sold them at the market for a few months. During this time she learned about VisionFund in Rwanda and applied for a loan.

‘They could see I was an honest woman with a modest business, so they were happy to lend me money.’

With this self-confidence, Judith stopped producing eggplants and began buying clothes to sell. As she gained more customers, Judith constructed a little market stand where she now sells clothes, shoes, handbags and household linen. 


Judith’s income grew and she convinced Moses to stop working at the tea plantation and return to school. With the money she earned from her stall, Judith paid for Moses’ school fees, clothes and books. 

‘I like all my subjects, but in particular, I like science and biology,’ says Moses, who is currently studying in his final year of school. ‘I think that after I finish school, I’d like to do something related to business, for example importing food or building materials’. 

Judith is proud that she has given Moses the opportunity to live the life he chooses. Now she is working hard to fulfill her own dream.

‘I want to construct a shop with a roof, so I can continue working when it rains. That’s my prayer, that’s my wish,’ said Judith.

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Moses' Story