Future Plans

Future plans

VisionFund has very ambitious plans for its future. In 2011 we made a positive difference to the lives of 2.1 million children. We plan to increase this to 3.5 million children by 2014 through our 'Clearer Vision' Five Year Strategy.

We will be increasing our focus on Africa and Asia, where we can make the biggest impact. The success of our work in the Middle East and Europe has led to these microfinance institutions becoming strong enough to continue their work outside the VisionFund network.

Over the next three years we will build an even stronger network of 24 microfinance providers working in Africa, Asia and Latin and Central America. To fund a big push in Africa and Asia we will re-deploy capital from the Middle East and Europe. We are also seeking new diverse sources of income.

The VisionFund network has grown up as a series of microfinance providers with their own local identities. The time is now right for all to come together as one organisation – we are working to ensure consistency of approach across the network with the strongest partners leading by example.