We offer financial services, consultancy and the necessary training to help businesses grow and survive. Successful businesses lead to financial security. Our goal is to transform the lives of poor families and their children. We have a broad range of effective loan, credit, insurance and savings programmes. Our financial products are well tailored to the needs of poor people and help them to grow their family livelihood.

We help our clients expand their businesses and provide a better future for their families and children. Through fostering the development of a small business, our clients now have the financial security to buy nutritious food, pay for healthcare services and further their children’s education.

Working in Philippines

Despite domestic political tensions and the global financial crisis, the Philippines’ economy has shown strong resilience in recent years.

But even with the country’s strong economic performance, poverty continues to worsen. The National Statistic Board recently found that 30 per cent of Filipinos had an income of less than US$2 a day.

In responding to the fundamental financial needs of the poor, our microfinance efforts are critical.

Awards and Ratings

  • Platinum Award for Social Performance Reporting from MIX Market 2012

  • Transparency Award from MF Transparency 2012

  • Progress out of Poverty Index  (PPI) Certification from Grameen Foundation 2011

Future Innovation

In the future, we will continue to focus our operations on the following areas:

  • Reinforcing social and financial performance
  • Implementation and integration of client protection, transparency and credit-plus education         
  • Implementation of a management information system
  • Innovative Islamic compliant products for Muslims
  • Social protection for families and children
  • Increasing impact and services to our most disadvantaged clients, e.g. child labour families and victims of natural disasters.

Client Success Story

Mindan, who is 33 years old, has two children. She runs a rice farm and raises hogs in Surallah, South Cotabato.

To help finance and expand her business, she received a loan of US$185. With her profits, Mindan is confident she can care for her children.


Management Details

MFI Structure

Chee-chin-Hoe_thumbnailJonar B. Dorado is a Certified Public Accountant and a former college professor in Accounting. He joined our MFI in July 2001. Before taking this lead role, Jonar worked as a field accountant in one of World Vision’s area development programmes.

Leading with determination and integrity, Jonar brings practical and theoretical expertise to the organisation.

Our MFI has a board of directors and management team that oversees its work.


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