Our goal is to help poor people in Rwanda care for their children.Our microfinance services enable them to build the foundations they need to bring themselves out of poverty.Our clients use their loans to develop and expand their businesses.This leads to additional income for their families and the communities in which they live.

We began serving Rwandans in 1997 and have since grown to become one of the largest regulated microfinance institutions in Rwanda. We work primarily with women, offering small loans and training to help their businesses succeed. Financial security means that women in Rwanda can feed, clothe, educate and buy medicine for their children and the orphans they care for.

To our clients we are seen as a conduit to a life of hope and possibilities.

Working in Rwanda

Rwanda is known as a country of a thousand hills. Nearly two decades ago, the country was plagued by genocide that killed millions and impacted the world.

Many Rwandan families are homeless due to the genocide, and many are orphans. Widows were left to care for the children of others as well as their own but with no funds to meet even the most basic human needs.

Women affected by the genocide are particularly vulnerable because they have little or no formal education and were left with no land or assets.

Being vulnerable to financial shocks and emergencies is one of the core aspects of poverty.

Awards and Ratings

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Future Innovation

Our microfinance institution strives to provide first class financial services to some of the poorest communities
in Rwanda. Our entire management team is enthusiastic about our new initiatives and programmes which include:

  • A mobile banking project that began in 2012.
  • Staff training and development initiated by VisionFund International.

Client Success Story


BAJYANAMA Beatha who is a married mother was born in 1964. She has nine children, 6 girls and 3 boy and they have their family home in Nyaruguru district, Ruramba sector. Eight of her children attend primary school and one in secondary within the same area. BAJYANAMA Beatha and her husband always had a tough time with life and it seemed as though educating their children was something they couldn’t attain successfully. She Joined the VFC family in 2007 through the group lending but then she had her first individual loan in 2009 with 300.000 Frw. Her 2nd loan was worth the same amount of money. Currently she is on her 6th loan which worth 1,500,000FRW. Her children are enjoying their lives and the benefits of good education. She is also currently a proud owner of a tailoring business whereby she sews clothes for sale.  She is a testimony to others that through the loans from Vision Finance, her life and that of her family has become so much better and she is grateful.Beatha proudly owns a tailoring business.


NDUWAYEZU ELIA has been a client of VFC for 7 years now and he has nothing but praises for the company. His life has been impacted in a positive way and he has been able to take care of his three beautiful daughters and son. Figure 1 Elia with his family stand in front of the house he built from VFC loans Married to Mukapfura Speciose, Elia and his family live in Gakenke in Kivuruga ADP and through a testimony of his friend he approached VFC and got his first loan in 2008 worth RWF 200,000. He had a small business of selling second hand clothes in the local market but he used that to grow his business and ventured into selling of fruits i.e. pineapples, oranges, and other produce. His business grew and he repaid back the loan, through the 7 years he has been with VFC he is currently on his 6th loan and he has managed to take his two daughters to school, the youngest is yet to begin this year. His wife is well cared for and is happy with the way things have turned out for them. In addition to looking after his family and sending the children to school, Elia has managed to buy a cow and it provides milk for the family and at times he gets extra milk that he can sell and get some money on the side.

Figure 2 Elia now a proud owner of a cow and hopes to buy a bull soon He has bigger plans and believes that he will be able to purpose a bull and have calves around so that one day he will be to sell them off and make more profits. He is forever grateful that VFC has given him and his family hope and he says that he will continue to do business with the company.  






Management Details

Management Team

 Ross T Nathan


An accomplished Senior Executive and professional, in the development sector specialized in Microfinance. Over 16 years of hands-on experience as Microfinance banker and practitioner, with proven professional success in the sector.  Served in various Executive positions as CEO, COO, interim CEO, CRO, CFO and Technical Advisor /consultant, this includes 11 years in six African countries and India.

Proven competencies as a leader in Greenfield start-ups, Turnarounds, Mergers, Program Management, due-diligence and have developed business strategies in five countries, including setting up micro finance Banks/institutions and consulting  in India, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Expertise in  Turnarounds, conversion of unregulated  credit-only Micro finance institutions  to  regulated deposit taking institutions /Banks,Technical advisories , Mergers , acquisitions , Financial Access ,MFI linkages , Networking, Donor Relations, Product conceptualisation ,development , roll out  and Training, Culture change management, Team building, Mentoring, Conflict Management ,Technological interventions /innovations for delivery channels and In-depth understanding of multi-cultural dynamics.   
Invited as keynote speaker, adviser and panellist for national and international micro finance, seminars, and conferences and actively involved in fund raising events and special projects by National and International Development Agencies.







leads Vision Finance Company Savings and Banking Operations, with experience of more than 10 years in Banking and Savings, He is responsible for Savings Growth and Expansion as well the strategy for overseeing a growing number of Branches Staffs. Previously Francis served as Branch banking Leader of Opportunity Rwanda where he worked as Banking Director till 2013 to Join Vision Finance Rwanda. He has also worked with Bank of Commerce, Development and Industry (BCDI) Current ECOBANK till 2007 to join OI Rwanda. Francis holds a master degree from Kampala University and undergraduate from Kigali Independent University, in Kigali Rwanda




Rwandan with significant Microfinance, banking and business management background, with experience of over 13 years.  He has an MBA from Mount Kenya University and an undergraduate degree in BBA, Microfinance and Economic Community Development from Uganda Martyrs University. He worked as COO in RP Consulting Ltd, mainly in charge of MFIs’ operations consultancy, developing business plans and strategic plans and business plans for business entrepreneurs. He has worked in Urwego Community Banking and in Urwego Opportunity Bank of Rwanda. He worked in Anglican Church/Kigali Diocese as Director of Finance and Administration and executive secretary, heading all departments in the Diocese.  He also was a teacher in secondary school for 4 years. He has also a certificate of leadership skills from RIAM and research and product development from MicroSave. He has been involved in several education, development initiatives and Christian ministries in Rwanda over the past many years and he is the president founder of Rwandan Anglican Student Association.  He has been also the president of cell council of Kabeza in Kanombe sector-Kicukiro District, Kigali Town and he was the president of control commission of SACCO’s in Kicukiro District. He has been involved in several field assessments, development initiatives in Rwanda, MFIs’ operations performance consultancy in Burundi and RDC throughout which he had an exposure and sound knowledge from different MFIs and banking services development, project monitoring and evaluation approaches and methods. He is the author of the book” Microfinance Products and Socio-economic Development of Women in Rwanda” and now, he is writing a book on “The Root Cause of MFIs’ failure and turnaround solutions for their financial sustainability in Rwanda”. He is married and he has a wife and three children.



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