Resourceful business owners can generate a reliable source of income through a small loan. A thriving business will support a family, so that they can feed their families and ensure their children stay in school.

Many of the poor are hardworking, resourceful and determined to solve their own problems. Without access to capital and financial services, income is irregular and sometimes only enough to survive day to day.

For nearly a decade we have been helping the poor, who are highly capable of starting a business. Our financial services complement and further World Vision's aims to reach out to those living in poverty. These combined interventions help to improve their lives; their children’s future; and the communities where they live.

Working in Mali

Like many countries in the developing world this country has seen many changes in leadership. This has affected all areas of the country’s social and economic infrastructure, including that of the banking industry.

Many households are female-headed and are usually responsible for more than one child. Most families live on a subsistence level and lack the finances to meet basic human needs such as medical supplies when needed, children’s education, and adequate food. 

These families are particularly vulnerable, as the women generally have little or no formal education, and no land or productive assets. The poor’s vulnerability to financial shocks or emergencies is one of the core aspects of poverty.

With the vast majority of the population not having access to financial services, our work in this country is critical.

Awards and Ratings

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Future Innovation

All MFI strives to provide best in class financial services to some of the poorest communities in country.

We will be updating this section shortly with various initiatives and programmes that reflect the enthusiasm and desire of our staff, in supporting local borrowers and their families.


Client Success Story

Lives are positively changed when families access micro loans and other financial services.

The MFI will be updating this section with stories from our clients that tell first-hand what steps they have taken to improve their lives of their children and families. In the meantime, please take a moment to view the success stories found in the Media Centre.

Management Details

MFI Structure

All MFIs are affiliated with either VisionFund International and/or World Vision International. That said, each MFI is structured differently due to in-country banking laws, structures, and historical precedence. 

All MFIs are led by a senior leadership team and governed by a board of directors.  

The MFI will be updating more details about their structure and leadership shortly.  Please come back for a full description.


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